Remember these? I failed a bunch lol
Headed to work in my du rag like… #IDontWannaGoInToday #MosDefNotOnFrontCounter
My double quarter burrito tho!
Break time almost over. Faking a smile cause my managers in the room. I WANNA GO HOOOMMMEEEEE!
It’s Leo season. You know we’re gonna show our asses because were Leos and thats what we do. #Leo My birthday soon #JustWaitOnIt
Like can I just…like…go to the movies naked? Lol its hot.
#ThatsThatBruce lmaoooo this is funny!
Lmaoooo DONE! #HappyMonday
This whale though! They took it down right after I left for college! Milwaukee just gettin rid of little parts of my childhood. #ImSoMilwaukee
Lmaoooo Im so done! Lol
A Theme A Theme